Verve Law Group's litigation services are intensely focused on obtaining the best results for our clients and our clients' bottom line.  Litigation is expensive, and Verve Law Group understands that when you hire an attorney or law firm, you trust the legal matter will be handled by experienced attorneys who will work as effectively and efficiently as possible.  Verve Law Group honors that trust.

We continuously evaluate the risks and benefits involved in each matter and communicate our evaluations to our clients.  We avoid petty activities and battles that have little or no impact on the outcome or our clients' objectives.  At the same time, we vigorously and relentlessly pursue our clients' goals. We focus on overall results; which means each client gets effective and efficient representation.  Verve Law Group also takes seriously its obligation to communicate regularly with each client.

We promptly advise our clients of significant developments relating to their matters.  Verve Law Group's lawyers are extremely experienced with business litigation, whether simple or complex, including but not limited to contracts, employment, real estate, construction, intellectual property, corporate law and securities law disputes.